Friday, June 11, 2004

Well, it hasn't been that long, has it?


Well, time to get back to work.

Many things have changed; I now live in Atlanta. I no longer go to school. I now sell cars (Nissans, actually). I still struggle with money, but I just got promoted and things look really, really good for the first time since my brain melted. I haven't had a mood swing, headache, or fuzzy period in over 5 months!! I had my van repo'ed (voluntary turn-in), but get a car as part of my job (whew!). I like both where I work and whom I work for (both very nice changes).

Best of all, I like what I'm doing for a living.

Since I was about 16 years old people have been telling me I should be a salesman. And I did sell things; I'd by charm pops for 8 cents each in bulk from a wholesaler who knew me and resell them on the middle school and elementary school buses for 25 cents each. With about 100 per box, 24 boxes per case and selling a case every 2 weeks I was $432 in my poacket every month after I bought the next month's cases. That kept me fed and clothed my Senior year in high school. It also meant that I made, effectively, $20/hour. Not too bad.

But somehow I always felt like I wasn't quite ready to be a salesman. Looking back, I may have unconsciously known about the aneurysm, or at lest known that something wasn't quite right. I somehow knew that it would be a struggle.

Now, though, I love it. Meeting people, getting to know them, fulfilling their needs - its great! I enjoy every day at work.

Well, back to it!