Tuesday, March 25, 2003


Let me tell you about my good friend Hjalmer. I met Hjalmer on what was supposed to be a weekend temp gig. I had a customer renege on a big consulting contract I was counting on for things like, say, groceries and was searching for anything. I get a call from a temp agency and tell me that about 15 temps are helping an interesting company move into their new digs and, me wanting cash, I could go, too. I did.

Well, they were moving into the old Cray Research building, a facility that I had once been physical security manager for. Knowing the layout of this vast, confusing complex was certainly a bonus. The manager in charge, Kim, was smart and wanted things done right with a 'no-bull' attitude I always love to see. And one of the techs was a tall, handsome guy named Hjalmer with the sort of sense of humor you only find in the very smart.

After the long weekend move was over, Kim asked me to stay the week. After the week was over she asked me to stay until the end of the month. And before that dead line came I was just asked to stay until a hiring freeze was over. I liked the company (both the corporation and my co-workers) so it was an easy choice.

Hjalmer and I had a great time fixing IT issues of all sorts, listening to the Cocteau Twins, and cracking feng shui jokes. We worked pretty hard, but good company makes for easy work.

In the end I was hired by another firm before their hiring freeze ended. Kim, Hjalmer, and I still stay in touch (my illness broke things up a bit, but that was universal). So drop by Hjalmer's blog, look around, and learn a little bit about a very smart, very funny man.

Oh, and if you get a chance, ask him about the country I made, once.

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