Thursday, January 19, 2006

Predictions for 2006 and Beyond

Actually, let’s look from now up to 2010, which will be much sooner than you think.

1. Demographics studies by everyone from the U.S. Census Bureau to the U.N. Population Council will continue to lower their projections for peak human population, and predict that the peak will occur sooner, every year.

2. Following Australia’s lead, more nations will realize that they are about to vanish due to lack of people and try, far too late, to do something about it.

3. The MSM and environmental groups will ignore both and continue to warn of overpopulation.

4. European Governments will grow weaker and less able to function in the face of radicalism. The European public will grow more fearful. By 2010 at least one demagogue will be quite popular in Europe, probably in a nation with a TFR under 1.8 and moderate immigration bordered by a larger nation with massive immigration, a Socialist government, and a TFR under 1.5.

5. Pope Benedict will appoint conservative cardinals, reform the liturgy to be more conservative, crack down on priests and parishes that are not following the rules. Non-Catholics will be shocked that the Pope is so Catholic.

6. The so-called “mainstream Christian churches” (i.e., liberal ones) will grow more liberal.

7. The Kelo decision will be reversed or made irrelevant.

8. Despite years of PR work, gay marriage will not spread very far and will lose ground overall.

9. After the phenomenal success and profits of The Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia Hollywood will continue to make and praise stuff like Brokeback Mountain and His Dark Materials. They will also be stunned, stunned, to barely make their money back on such ‘critically acclaimed, important’ movies. They will also label people who are offended by films that attack their viewpoint as ‘close minded’.

10. Rick Santorum will be reelected. So will Ted Kennedy

11. Despite the lack of any evidence that DDT is harmful in any way, it will be banned by more and more countries under pressure from groups attempting to make the planet ‘better’. Malaria deaths will continue to climb above the current 1 million per year.

12. The laws against illegal immigration will not be enforced. Liberal states will continue to grant illegal immigrants access to the full range of social services. Liberals will whine that those same social services are underfunded because of unexpected increases in use and demand higher taxes for the ‘most vulnerable’. Anyone who objects to any part of this will be labeled a ‘racist bigot’ by liberals.

13. Europe will finally do something about the Iranian nuclear program besides dither. The economic sanctions will spark civil unrest in Iran (young people who want more freedoms) and in Europe (young people who, it seems, want to be radioactive). Both sets of protestors will prevail, and a slightly more liberal Iran will stop its nuclear program after Europe caves in the face of acceptance.

14. Immigration to Europe will increase. At the same time, the emigration of native Europeans will also increase.

15. Muslim violence in Southeast Asia will increase, mainly focused on women, children, churches, and foreigners.

16. Air America will shutter its doors. The MSM will continue to ignore the scandal of where a chunk of its startup money actually came from.

17. As China stops strongly manipulating its own currency the Yuen will surge upward, causing the dollar to also surge. These two events will confuse many socialist economists and ruin the plans of many Euro holders. Many goods and services will remain cheap for those with dollars and get too pricey for those with Euros. This will be another hammer blow to the struggling economies of Germany, France, Spain, and Japan as their import imbalance increases, although it could be good if they realize that they can now sell things to China.

18. The Avian Flu Pandemic will not actually happen.

19. Qaddafi and Castro will both die before 2008.

20. At least one major MSM outlet will refer to one or both of these tyrants as having improved things because they promoted ‘equality’.

21. No matter what the weather conditions are, they will be cited as ‘proof’ of man-made global warming.

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