Thursday, June 19, 2003

OK, OK - I've been busy. Summer term started and I'm taking Christian Morality and the Theology of Global Economics - lots of reading for both! In the last two weeks I've read three entire books (scholarly books, yet), written four papers, reviewed the social teachings of the Catholic Church, etc., etc. - all while writing two projects and doing the usual "4 sons and a lovely wife" stuff, too!

And, speaking of writing, it just doesn't pay enough right now - so I'm looking for a "real" job. The urgency is a bit high, too - I need $3,000 to purchase our van (I'll never lease again!) or I won't have a way to get to school or work. I've actually started asking relatives for a loan, but most of my relatives are not in a position to help. Ah, well - something will come up.

But enough about me... what about you?

Well, gotta' get to class. I'll post more later.

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